It’s been introduced in a lot of media and magazines.

“The Hand of God.” “Super God Hand.”

“””Overwhelming technology”” has been praised in various magazines.”

2019 Matsuzaka Daisuke

2020 AK-69 (Artist)

2021: Shoukichi Iwata (currently Triple Crown Champion of Boxing, Asia, East Pacific and Japan)

Many professional athletes and artists request individuals.

“The special treatment “”bonefit”” has also been selected by people who are active in the world.”

In order for one operator to continue to receive medical treatment six days a week and more than 10,000 people a year (about 40 people a day), we feel that understanding and cooperation in our system is essential.

reservation system

appointment time

Our hospital operates on a full reservation basis.

There will be two people in the 30 minute frame of the above procedure.

*Depending on the treatment request, there may be one person per 30 minutes.

Please make a reservation considering that it takes an average of 30 to 40 minutes from the reservation time because we have a reservation for several people.


For the first time, it will be an official LINE or a phone reservation.

confirmation at the time of reservation

·Full name

·Medical record number (first visit is date of birth)

·Desired date and time

·Whether or not you have a fever within a week

Please be prepared to answer the above four questions.

*The popular date and time will be filled one month ahead, so I would appreciate it if you could prepare some candidates.

As multiple reservations are given priority to those who come to the hospital, we accept requests only at the time of accounting (only once for the first visit).

Staff reception 9:30-12:00 15:0018:00

Please call us at the above time.

I’d like to spend time with the patient in front of me.

Please contact the above staff when they are available.

*Please let me know if you are late or cancel on the day.

Please make sure to give your full name when recording on the answering machine during lunch break.


On the day of the event, you may become ill.

We accept cancellations up to 3 minutes before the reservation time.

*There will be no cancellation fee if you let us know in advance even on the day.

If you are late, please contact us before the appointment time.

·Approved to be late for about 10 minutes (benefits of booking multiple people)

·Reservations can be made in different order with those who make reservations later.

and so on, but if the reservation time has passed without contacting us, we will decline it depending on the status of your reservation.

Please be sure to contact us hours in advance.

*Regarding repeated violations of manners, we are prepared to criticize you and refuse to go to the hospital itself.Please understand in advance!

Regarding the cancellation fee without permission

In the event of the Corona disaster, we promise not to charge the cancellation fee without permission.

It would have been nice if the number of cases had decreased after taking a reservation-only account… but there are still more than 200 cases, including cancellations without permission and late arrival, every year.

I would like to ask for your understanding in preparation for setting the cancellation fee without permission.

·Cancel without permission after 15 minutes without contacting you

·Even if we consider many things such as work and traffic conditions, if we do not hear from you on the day, the cancellation fee will be subject to the unauthorized cancellation fee.

·If you contact us on the day of the event, we will give you a warning and a request to register with a reservation-only account.

If you don’t cooperate or understand, we can’t make an appointment to go to our hospital, so we won’t accept any reservations from now on!

Unauthorized cancellation fee is 2,200 yen per time.

Those who cancel without permission must make a reservation after payment.


pain and symptoms

Treatment fee (treatment)

initial and re-initial examination fees    1,320 

3,850 upper (lower) body including waist

one acute (injury) spot   2,750

systemic symptoms 7,700

Example) First visit + 5,170 upper body

Care training guidance and counseling fees

A personal menu in which a director with more than 10 qualifications, including multiple national qualifications, takes the time to respond to individuals.

Personal guidance on self-care and training menus

I will take the same time as the operation time and explain it to you.

*Please consult in advance as reservations and fees are required.

3,850 10-15 minutes each

We suggest 1-3 menus according to the level and requirements.

Mainly targeted for sole pressure measurements and systemic balance tests

It’s not a questionnaire, but a menu for those who want to have a good consultation time with the director.

*If you fill out the questionnaire and card, there will be no counseling fee.We ask for your cooperation in filling out the form.

Also, those who would like to make a reservation after consulting in advance before going to school via LINE or phone.


infection prevention measures

Like other public facilities, appropriate masks, finger disinfection, etc.

There is no problem if you take general measures against infection.

However, there were some people who took measures to prevent infection, which is said to be their own way, and there was a background of trouble.

The following page also provides detailed explanations.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

If you don’t read a page like this and don’t know the phone, you’ll like your own way, and I refuse to consider the possibility of preventing trouble, putting staff and important patients at risk!

Masks for preschoolers are carried out based on the views of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.